D'Accord Personal Guitarist

D'Accord Personal Guitarist

Guitarist helps you to learn the string instruments or to improve your skills
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D'Accord Personal Guitarist 1.2 software is helpful for both students and for musicians, enabling the students to practice and musicians to improve their skills. Even though the software is named as Guitarist, it is multi-instrument compatible. The instruments that are compatible with this software are Electric and Acoustic Guitars, 4-string instruments like Banjo and Cavaquinho, 5-string instruments like bass, and also customized instruments or tunings.

The user interface of this software is very impressive and easy to use. The song player feature of the software allows you to learn how to play any song, by playing the sound and showing the lyric, chords and fingering on the virtual instrument. If you are a beginner, you can start practice with around 100 songs and exercises which comes with the software and can learn through it. The song editor feature allows you to create and publish your own music in .PG3 format, and also allow sharing it with ease. The song editor is useful for easy conversion of text lyric files (.txt) to .PG3 interactive song file. You can create new guitar styles with the built-in style editor. Another interesting feature of Personal Guitarist is its chord dictionary, which enables you to learn how to play each chord by showing the fingering, notation or intervals at same time playing the chord sound. The instrument tuner is useful for beginners as well as for the skilled instrument players with its easy to use tuner feature. The tempo can be controlled to your speed, playing faster or slower.

Good software to learn the string instruments or to improve your skills in the string instruments.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy-to-use interface, conversion of text files to interactive software


  • Trial version only for 10 sessions
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